Because of the odd course traveled by some Planets (Mercury and Venus) , they were neglected for a long time and were called "wandering stars". Planet comes from the Greek "planus", which means "to glide". This odd behavior is due to the fact that these planets are located between the Earth and the Sun.

The Greek were the first to give a name to the planets :

- Hermes for Mercury.
- Aphrodite for Venus.
- Ares for Mars.
- Zeus for Jupiter.
-Cronos for Saturn.

Not only did they assign their God's name to the planets, but also their talents and faults.

Philippe d'Oponte, a Plato disciple, changed the Greek names to the Latin names we still know today. The symbols representing the planets are still the Greek ones. The Sun and the Moon, which are not planets, kept their Egyptian symbols.

The location of the planets in the constellations at birth, and the comments (Gibberish) regarding personality are Western inventions.

The Sun and the Moon were added to the 8 planets. The Sun represents the active and the male; the Moon represents the negative and female.

When we look at MARS, we see that because of its red color, it is linked with aggressivenes, blood and war. In reality we now know that it is red because the ground contains iron and the sub-stratum contains ice. It is nearly certain that some form of life existed on Mars in the past. On the other hand, no form of life ever existed on Venus, which is considered to be the planet of LOVE !

The planets' location in the various constellations of the horoscope and their location compared to each other is what amounts to the Aspects calculation:

- Conjunction : when two planets are next to each other : Mercury and Pluto.
- Square : when two planets are 90 degrees apart : Mars and Neptune.
- Sextile : when they are 60 degrees apart : Jupiter and Mars.
- Triagle : when they are 120 degrees apart : Saturn and Venus.
- Opposition : when they are 180 degrees apart : Saturn and Jupiter.

We can see here that this pretty geometrical graph (the lines linking the various planets) has a meaning on paper only, i.e. when bidimensional. In reality, these planets are in space where everything is tridimensional, and where these graphs have no meaning whatsoever.