Astrologers rarely agree with each other, but when talking about the 12 HOUSES, it's just going too far ! Their number - 12 - is often questioned, as is the way to draw them : clockwise or counterclockwise. Some Astrologers pretend that the split into 12 Houses doesn't make any sense, but most of the controversy is around which system to use.

Because there are several systems, the planets are never in the same House and the meaning given to their location varies from one system to the other. Some Astrologers use the system that suits them the best for their comments (Gibberish).

These 25 systems are subdivided into 3 groups : the classification is based on the Eclipse, Space and Time.

- The systems where each House has the same size.
- The Porphyritic system.
- The "Natural graduation System".
- The M-House Method.

- The Campanus system.
- The Regiomontanus system.

- The Placidus system.
- The Alcabitus system.
- The Koch system (based on the place of birth).
- The topographic system.

All these systems have advantages and disadvantages. The system most often used in Belgium is the PLACIDUS system (from Titus 1603 - 1668). It starts from the horizon and takes into account the meridian that goes from where the Sun is located at noon time. This results in Houses that are different in size and contradicts the systems where each House has a 30 degree size. People who where born above the Polar Circle don't have a House, as the horizon coincides with the meridian.

So the Placidus method was uses here. The Houses are represented by small numbers in the gray circle. The Horizon is a horizontal line with an arrowhead on the left (Capricornus) and the Meridian goes into Scorpius.

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