First of all, people always talk about "Chinese Astrology" but this is nonsense as we're not dealing with planets but with mythology bases on a legend : Buddha invited all the animals of the world but very few came - a total of twelve . The Rat was the first one to arrive. Buddha gave each year the name of an animal and rewarded the Rat by naming the first year after him.

Chinese New Year is not always on the same day, but takes place betwee mid-January and mid-February. Each animal also has a YIN or YANG characteristic.

Below is the list of years from 1900 to 1911 :

- 1900 year of the RAT : starts on Jan 31th : YIN.
- 1901 year of the OX : starts on Feb 19th : YIN.
- 1902 year of the TIGER : starts on Feb 8th : YANG.
- 1903 year of the CAT : starts on Jan.29th : YIN.
- 1904 year of the DRAGON : starts on Feb.16th : YANG.
- 1905 year of the SNAKE : starts on Feb.4the :YANG.
- 1906 year of the HORSE : starts on Jan.25th : YANG.
- 1907 year of the GOAT : starts on Feb.13th : YANG.
- 1908 year of the MONKEY : starts on Feb.2th : YIN.
- 1909 year of the ROOSTER : starts on Jan 22th : YANG.
- 1910 year of the DOG : starts on Feb.10th : YIN.
- 1911 year of the PIG : starts on Jan. 30th : YIN.

Under the "NEW ASTROLOGY" the birth sign (Aries, Cancer, etc) is linked to the animal representing the birth year in the Chinese Astrology. So this gives results like CANCER/RAT, CANCER/OX, CANCER/TIGER etc.

The Chinese Astrology also has 4 elements : METAL, WATER, WOOD and FIRE : they are different from the Western Astrology's elements.

It is clear that this is also a mythology and that the "mariage" between the two Astrologies doesn't simplify things, quite the opposite !

Once again you will find below a graph where the 11.607 personalities are sorted by year of birth. We see there's hardly any difference between the number of people in each sign...